Chucky "Lee" Currie
artial Artist

Age: 46
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Movie Credits
Television Appearances/Performances
XXX State of the Union
Rush Hour 2
Oceans 11
The Hulk
Cyber Tracker 2
"JoJo Dancer Your Life Is Calling"
How to Be a Gangster
Enter the Tiger
Evening Magazine
(nationwide viewing)

Super Kids (nationwide viewing)
Martial Arts Theater (nationwide viewing)
American Black Belt Championships
(Pay Per View)
Featured In Worldwide Magazines
Inside Kung Fu/Karate
Official Karate
Black Belt
Fighting Stars
Martial Arts Illustrated
International Fighter
Major Martial Arts Championships
Special Accomplishments
Battle of Atlanta Champion
Music Martial Arts Innovator Award
World Tae Kwon Do Champion
World Kuk Sool Won Champion
World Open Karate Champion
Asian World Martial Arts Champion
USA Top 10 Champion
Masters Open Black Belt Champion
Long Beach International Champion
Superstar Nationals Champion
USA World International Champion
American Black Belt Champion

Known as the fastest kicker in the USA.
Rated #1 Martial Arts Performer in America.
Rated #3 Men's Black Belt Fighter in America.
Named the "New Bruce Lee" by Actor/Martial Artist Chuck Norris.
Original Member of World Famous West Coast Demo Team.
Innovator of Creative Musical Kata Entertainment Division.

Filmmaking, Choreography, Art, Photography

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Hes Not Interested In Being Kicked Around!



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