Pure Magic
by Roy Kurban

When I first started competing in tournaments in the 1960's, the martial arts world was wild and woolly. The toughest, hardest-hitting guys who literally attacked with a full-tilt assault of devastating kicks, bare-knuckle punches, sweeps, takedowns, and vicious combinations ruled it. These techniques were not only designed to score points, they were also intended to intimidate opponents. Every technique was delivered with bad intent. To make matters worse, there were no gloves, shin guards, headgear, or protective pads. When you got hit, it hurt. Believe. It was punishment. Kind of like getting hit by a freight train. You felt it. You accepted it. It was all part of the game, and it was a mandatory ingredient for achieving competitive success. And that's just one match.

To reach the championship rounds of a tournament could sometimes take six, eight, or even ten consecutive victories. If you made it to the grand championship, it was often late in the day (or evening). And, to say the least, your endurance, intensity, and ability to recover became just as important as power, quickness and technique. To beat the big boys, you had to consistently train hard and always be open and willing to try out the newest techniques, training tools, and new approaches. Guys like Chuck Norris worked extremely hard in the gym to develop their outstanding techniques. Bill Wallace threw literally thousands of practice kicks to prepare for tournaments, and Joe Lewis was one of the first champions to add tremendous body strenth through weight lifting. Ring Tested Techniques.

Today's modern athletes must also work hard to achieve their potential. To reach that potential, most have tried the following methods: stretching, technique and form practice, running, weight training, bag practice, free sparring, balanced diet, proper rest, positive attitude and old fashioned, honest, hard work. These are tried and true, ring tested training techniques and concepts, which have been proven effective by martial arts champions around the world. When used in conjunction with focused training and in any specific style, these added techniques and principles are guaranteed to enhance your success. And they're equally effective for young and old, beginner through black belt. We know these concepts work. They've been proven in competition and also documented scientifically to enhance performance.

In addition to these methods, the modern athlete must also be receptive to the latest techniques and innovations. During the past 30 years, I've tried and evaluate3d hundreds of new techniques and punching and kicking equipment, nutritional supplements, vitamins, energy bars and protein powders and everything else imaginable, to enhance performance. And I recently found one that really works. In late 1996, I was introduced to nutraceuticals and glyconutritionals (AmbroseŽ complex). Hit Faster, Harder, Longer Simply stated, these nutrients help support athletic performance by providing nutrients to support the bodys natural physiology prior to a workout or competition. They also supplement and aid the body's natural recovery process. After trying these products myself, I was absolutely amazed at my substantial gains in performance and reduction in recovery time after strenuous workouts.

Nutraceuticals actually allowed me to hit faster, harder, and longer. To top it off, I was able to recover quicker. The team that put thse supplements together is from Mannatech, inc. It includes Bill McAnalley, PH.D; biochemist Bill Fioretti, who developed these products; and Dr. Bob Ward. I already knew of Ward and his super bowl success as the strength and conditioning coach for Coach Tom Landry and the National Foot Ball League's Dallas Cowboys for 14 years. "Achieving maximum potential in all aspects of our lies is best accomplished by using all the spiritual, psychological, emotional, nutritional, physical, intellectual and social resources available to us," Ward says. He showed me the impressive scientific results generated by these new glyconutriontals with runners, swimmers, and weight lifters, but he explained that no scientific tests had yet been conducted for martial artists.

Therefore we decided to use the martial arts students at my school, the American Black Belt Academy in Arlington, Texas, in a research project. The goal was to scientifically determine and document the effects of glyconutritional products on the performance of martial arts students of various ages, backgrounds, strengths, skill levels and belt ranks. Speed, Strength, Recovery Training hard, eating properly and getting enough rest will always be the foundation of success for a world class athlete in any sport. It's also very important for all athletes, including martial artists, to constantly strive to improve and always push their limits to the max. That's why you might be interested in these products because they represent yet another excellent tool to enhance athletic performance.



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